PBK Poets

In 1996, the Alpha of Connecticut resumed an old custom of commissioning a new poem to be read aloud at an annual assembly of the members. The following poets have written a poem for these occasions:

1996 John Hollander “X’s Syndrome”
1997 Rachel Wetzsteon “The Jewel on the Ice”
1998 Marie Borroff “Triptych”
1999 J.D. McClatchy “Glanum”
2000 Rosanna Warren “Cyprian”
2001 Karl Kirchwey “Late Beauty”
2002 Robert B. Shaw “A Beginning, a Middle, and an End”
2003 Stephen Sandy “Above Como”
2005 Elizabeth Alexander “The Dream that I Told my Mother-in-Law”
2006 Alexander Nemser “The Encyclopedia of the Dead”
2007 Louise Glück “Tributaries”
2008 Dolores Hayden “Time Is Looking In To Space”
2010 Cynthia Zarin “From the Book of Knowledge”
2011 Annie Finch “Keys”